Organized Weekly Play
Monday & Thursday  9am - 10:30am

Pickleball is a paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.  Pickleball is a fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong.  It is played on a badminton-sized court and a slightly modified tennis net.  It can be played as doubles or singles.  No sign-up needed.  Just show up.  There is no cost to play.  

Pickleball Instruction

We will always have at least one experienced pickleball player available during our Monday and Thursday organized play to help all beginners learn the basics of the game.  Private instruction at other times is also available.  Contact the front desk for more information about private pickleball instruction.