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Please complete registration form to compete in our BIATHLON CHALLENGE!

Spin 120 Minutes

Run/Walk Treadmill 120 Minutes

April 5th through April 9th

This is an exciting fitness challenge where you can switch things up a little with friendly competition! You must complete 120 minutes on the Spin Bike/Exercise Bike and 120 Minutes on the Treadmill.  The awesome part of this challenge is that you can spread out your workout until you complete it.  We will keep up with your results on a board as you challenge yourself to the end.  What a great way to get motivated for a healthier life!! 

There will be a ribbon awarded to those who complete the challenge. Our top finishers (who can finish in the fewest workouts) will receive a certificate, medal and “Brag-Rights” as the Goose Creek Biathlon Champion!!!

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